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Marca: Fender - Modello: Champion 600




Vintage Modified Amps and Amplifier Type Tube

 Inputs:     Two (Instrument and Microphone)
Extension Speaker Jack:     External Speaker Output
Channels:   One channel
Power Handling:     5 watts
 Rectifier:  Diode Rectifier
 Controls:   Volume

 Cabinet Material:   Brown and Blonde Vinyl Covering; Vintage-Correct 1950 "Two-Tone" Cosmetics
Pilot Light Jewel:  Red Amp Jewel
Handle:     Leather Strap Handle
Front Panel:    Chrome Front Panel
Input Impedance:    1 M Input Impedance
Sensitivity:    25 mV (volume at maximum for full power)
 Length: 19 cm, Width: 31 cm, Height 27.9 cm
 Amplifier Weight:  6.80 kg

 One 6", 4-ohm Special Design driver with ceramic magnet


Unique Features:    Tube Preamp and Tube Power Amp (Pre Amp Tubes  1 x 12AX7 - Power Tubes:    1 x 6V6). 5 watts Into a 6" Special Design Speaker. High-Gain and Low-Gain Inputs; Hotter Preamp Circuit than the 1950 Original for Warm Natural Overdrive when Turned Up. Single Volume Control. External Speaker Output. Brown and Blonde Vinyl Covering; Vintage-Correct 1950 "Two-Tone" Cosmetics. Leather Strap Handle. Red Jeweled Pilot Light.