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Marca: LANEY - Modello: LC-30





Valvolare LC30-112

30W (4x EL84) - 2 canali: Clean e Drive - Input Hi e Lo - 2 sezioni di equalizzazione a 3 bande di frequenza - Riverbero - Loop effetti regolabile - Controlli: Clean Volume, Clean Gain, Bass, Middle, Treble, Drive Gain, Master Volume, Reverb, Tone - Bright - Modern switch - Speaker Celestion Seventy 80 da 12"

The LC30-112 is the epitome of class A tone. A road-ready combo that packs 30 watts RMS of real tube punch to cut through when playing live. The Laney LC30-112 offers independent GAIN and DRIVE controls on each channel - giving you maximum tonal flexibility. Along with independent equalisation for both Clean and Drive channels and a switchable spring reverb. The new TONE control allows you to quickly add tonal colour to your sound and functions in the same was as your guitar tone control.