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Marca: Marshall - Modello: Valvestate 2000 AVT-100



Output (RMS): 100 watts. Impedance: 8 ohms. Speaker: 1 x 35 cm. #Channels: 3. Acoustic Simulator: No. Digital FX Section: Yes. FX Select Switch: Yes. Accutronics Reverb: No. FX Loop: Parallel. FX Level Switch: Yes. FX Mix Controls: Yes. Scoop Switch: x 2. Bright Switch: Yes. Emulated Line Out: Yes. Headphone Jack: Yes. Master Volume: Yes. Presence Control: Yes. Speaker Outputs: 1 (int./ext.). CD Input: No. Footswitch: PEDL-00030 included.
Dimensions: 596 x 515 x 285mm
  Weight: 24.2 kg


AVT = Advanced Valvestate Technology. Mod. AVT20, AVT50, AVT100, AVT150, AVT150H and AVT275
The AVT100 is a 100 Watt, The Clean channel runs through the preamp valve and has a separate Bright switch plus controls for Bass, Middle & Treble. Overdrive 1 sounds range from a vintage sounding Plexi all the way to the JCM800 crunch. Overdrive 2 goes from a hot-rodded JCM800 all the way to a JCM2000. Separate Gain & Volume controls are provided, plus scoop controls (OD1/OD2), Master Volume & Master Presence controls, Parallel FX loop, Emulated DI & Headphone output jacks and a heavy-duty 4-way LED footswitch. The ATV100 Combo features a custom designed Celestion 12" Extended Bass Response speaker.