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Marca: Peavey - Modello: Classic 30



The Peavey Classic 30 was launched in the early 90s, and is a combination of design influences - from early Fender combos to modern high-gain amps.



30 Watts RMS into 16 or 8 Ohms

12 inch Blue Marvel speaker

Simulated vintage tweed cabinet covering - there is an expensive option to have a black tolex covered cabinet

Three Electro-Harmonix 12AX7EH preamp tubes - arranged as 6 triodes

Four Sovtek EL 84/6BQ5 power amp tubes - in a two parallel pair push-pull output stage, giving class AB operation

2 channel preamp (selectable with push switch or footswitch)

Master volume

3-band passive EQ - treble, middle, bass

Push boost switch - giving 25dB gain boost

Reverb level control

Effects loop

Chrome-plated chassis

Weight 39.50 lbs. - Width  20 in.
 Depth  11.6250 in. - Height 17.6250 in.