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Marca: SHURE - Modello: Beta 58


RF Carrier Frequency Range:  518-865 MHz, depending on region

Working Range: 150 m under typical conditions, 500 m  line-of-sight, outdoors for a single system

Audio Frequency Response:  40 18,000 Hz,(+1 dB, 3 dB).

Gain Adjustment Range:  UR2: 10 to +20 dB

Modulation:  FM (45 kHz max. deviation), compander system with pre- and de-emphasis

Dynamic Range: >105 dB, A-weighted

Signal Polarity: Positive pressure on microphone diaphragm (or positive voltage applied to tip of WA302 phone plug) produces positive voltage on XLR output pin 2 with respect to XLR pin 3 and on the tip of the 1/4-inch output jack.

System Distortion (ref. 45 kHz deviation, 1 kHz modulation):

      <0.3% Total Harmonic Distortion typical

Power Requirements: Two 1.5V AA batteries

Current Drain: UR2: 180 mA max. (normal RF power setting); 240 mA max. (high RF power setting)

Battery Life (Typical):  UR2: 9.5 hours (low power); 6 hours (high power)

Operating Temperature Range: 18 to +57 C (0 to +135 F)

Overall Dimensions: UR2/BETA 58: 258 mm L x 51 mm Dia.

Net Weight: UR2/BETA 58: 314 g (11.1oz.) without battery